6-Week Intensive Method

Summer bodies are forged in winter and there has never been a better time to take your body to its absolute peak of physical fitness than now.

As the temperatures rise and summer seems blessedly close, Canberra’s premier fitness destination, Hale Gym and Day Spa, has unveiled a four-day program designed to take you to summer-body-ready in just six weeks.

As an adjunct to its signature 12-week Method program which has transformed the exercise and eating habits of it participants, Hale’s new Intensive Method program begins on Monday 30th October

Limited to 100 places and advised for those who have either completed the 12-Week Method or who have a general fitness level, the Intensive Method takes participants on a specific peak block training journey over just six weeks.

It takes bodies to the next level. Just in time for summer.

According to Hale’s head trainer Peter Sutton, the Intensive Method will allow people to see dramatic body changes, as well as feel them through building on their previous workout regime.

“This is an opportunity to take people into their most intense period of physical fitness, hence you need to have achieved that increase in fitness before you start – in order to remain injury-free and reach that desired peak of conditioning in a condensed time-frame.”

Each week of the six-week Intensive Method program will combine two strength sessions and two boxing/metabolic conditioning sessions.

While the 12-week Method program factored in de-load periods to allow for fitness to be adapted upwards, the Intensive Method takes those previous gains and rigorously builds on them through targeted training.

A slightly reduced workload in week 4 will ensure burnout and training injuries are avoided, but this is a program designed to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Hale will also cater for the specific feedback from clients regarding two other additional and targeted training programs – one aimed at achieving strength and muscle mass for men and one focussing on abdominals and butts for women.

“We have responded to client demand regarding their desire for targeted programs. And in the end, it comes down to aesthetics. While the Method is about changing habits and laying a strong foundation for healthy, fit bodies, these targeted block training programs are designed to bring about visual changes.”

To learn more or join, please email or call 02 6273 3101

6-Week Intensive Method 

  • 2x 60min strength sessions
  • 2x 60min boxing/metabolic conditioning sessions
  • Members receive MYZONE® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt (worth $159 rrp)
  • Access to Hale Gym
  • Access to infrared saunas, steam rooms and cave-plunge pool
  • Prescribed nutrition plans by registered nutritionist, Kate Freeman with gender specific plans
  • Each weekly meal plan has been developed based on the 6-Week Method training and comes complete with instructions, shopping lists and comprehensive plans
  • $99 per week