Meet the Hale Method trainers

Peter Sutton

The man behind the development of Hale’s specialised 12-Week Method fitness program believes you can change your life within this time frame.

Peter Sutton has notched up almost two decades as an expert strength and conditioning coach who designs specialised programs for high-performance athletes.

But Peter’s engaging style, and motivational flair has also earned him a loyal following from within the general population – all seeking to live happier, healthier, fitter lives.

Entering the industry in 1999, Peter took his first competitive powerlifter to a competition by 2001 and has coached and mentored athletes across cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, soccer, golf, Olympic wrestling, boxing, MMA, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting and sprinting.

A former Head Coach in charge of delivering Certificate IV in Fitness for the Australian Institute of Fitness, Peter has also established his own private high-performance gym where he has trained Jamie Osbourne, the most successful ACT male Olympic lifter in the last decade, and Liz Craven, who has represented Australia at five international competitions and two World Championships.

Highly-driven and passionate about fitness, Peter prides himself on tailoring programs to motivate and challenge his clients – no matter what level they are at.

Hand-picked to join the team at Hale, Peter will take classes as well as overseeing the management of the other staff and ensure the 12-Week Program delivers what it promises—which is a new approach to body and mind fitness.

Michael Roach

Michael Roach is a qualified fitness instructor with nine years’ experience and a number of CrossFit championships under his belt.

But his extraordinary discipline and focus has been forged from a previous career – as an Australian Army Recruit Instructor and an Armoured Vehicle Commander for eight years – undertaking several tours of Iraq.

Michael’s approach to fitness is one of commitment – he trains several hours a day, six days a week, and has competed at the Pacific Crossfit Regionals four times – three of which he was named fittest CrossFitter in the ACT. He’s also the 2015 ACT and Australian National ANB Fitness Model Champion and has competed in Cananda gaining his Ultimate Fitness Event Professional card status.

Michael programs and guides CrossFit athletes, including Rees Machell, who achieved first place in the ACT region CrossFit Open.

He loves seeing people improve over time and also relishes the chance to update his own skills and knowledge.

But Michael also preaches balance in life. He takes a training rest day on Sunday, and while he is the model of a clean-eating fitness fanatic during the week, he allows himself the time to unwind and enjoy meals with friends on the weekend.

“It is important to enjoy a fit lifestyle.”