Lean Lab


STARTS Monday 27 September 2021

Not everyone wants to go to the gym and come out with bulky biceps. Indeed, the lean and sculpted look is the ultimate summer accessory.

Hale Gym’s scientifically-based Lean Lab can help women (and men) achieve those long lines and lean looks through targeted workouts led by expert trainers.

According to head trainer Pete Sutton, the secret to vastly enhanced fitness, strength and lean muscle definition is in the repetition and weight range used in training.

Using sports-science and biomechanical research, the Hale team has devised a program that will shed kilos, strip back body fat, and tone muscles without adding any associated bulk.

“We need to dismantle that myth that many women have in their minds that heavy lifting will make them thick or chunky. A small number of repetitions using heavy weights will not put size on but can improve strength and appearance.”

For those wanting flatter abs or bigger glutes, trainers can provide guidance on how to isolate particular muscle groups to give them specific size and definition.

“We know this program will particularly appeal to women because we understand the perceptions they have about weight lifting and we can demonstrate that they can achieve the body they want.”

“It sounds a bit counterintuitive to say that you can lift a small number of heavy weights without bulking up, but that is the fastest way to achieving the lean look that so many women want.”

Targeted strength training would lead to improvements in metabolism and fat burning, sustaining a new leaner look over time.

Hale programs are holistic, backed by sports-science expertise, and include expert nutritional advice.

  • Maximum of ten participants per session
  • LEAN LAB will increase muscle mass, strip body fat and define psychical appearance
  • 2x 60min strength training days
  • 2x 60min Method aerobic session
  • Access to Hale Gym
  • Access to saunas, steam rooms, cave pool
  • Muscle building, weight loss or maintenance nutritional plans with recipes
  • $99 per week

To learn more or register, please contact 02 6188 3299 or email